How does this site work

The information in this website is presented in a different format from what you may be used too on many other websites.

Search by Subject

The full contents of the Annual Report have been divided into articles, with keywords linked to each article. You will find these keywords in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen by clicking on the tab Subjects.

After each click, only those paragraphs will remain that correspond with the keywords you have clicked. By doing this you find the information you are looking for quickly from various angles.

Search by Contents

In the left menu next to the tab Subjects you will find the tab Contents. By clicking on Contents you can see the annual report in a chapter structure. Now you can click through the annual report in a hierarchical way.

Search field

On the right side on the webpage you can enter keywords into the search field.

For example: 

Imagine you are looking for Sanquin and the developments of Mediacinal products. First you click ‘Developments’ below ‘Reports’ (see figure 1). All articles related to ‘Reports’ will appear.

You can then click on ‘For patients’. You will now find the results and the article ‘Ambition 3: An independent actor in the international pharmaceutical and diagnostic fields' (see figure 2).

When you click in the left menu on the tab 'contents', you can find the information in a chronological order (see figure 3).